Front Office Staff

Samantha Rubin

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 301-638-9788 X 210

Crustacean Nation! Raise a claw and raise it high to one of the Blue Crabs marketing coordinators, Sam Rubin! Sam has professional experience across the globe and also knows a thing or two about sports as her Rowing team at the University of Florida won a national championship in 2019. She brings a wide array of expertise to the Crab crew, having volunteered in Africa, interned in Israel, and she even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Sam is a native of Clearwater, Florida, an avid Florida Gators fan, and spent her Gator gamedays while in school as a Game Day Ambassador for the Univeristy Athletic Association.

Phone: 301-638-9788 | 11765 St.

Linus Drive Waldorf, MD 20602